The Studies - The Sandbox

This collection of pages is, in a fashion, the result of photographic études: exercises through which I mean to discover something about images and the creation of them; or through which I mean to push myself past habits, including the good ones, to realize images that I otherwise would not.

This is my sandbox. In essence, this is a place of play in the face of the sometimes-chilling fact that the more I learn about a subject - say, photography - the more the enormity of my ignorance is revealed to me. And thus my sandbox grows bigger: More to learn, more to try, more to think about, more to play with.

With that as the thought behind the collection, what these are not are finished projects. In many cases the Studies include a degree of redundancy as I play with an idea and watch how the otherwise similar images change as a result. Within the main body of the portfolio - if any were to get that far - these would be reduced to one or two frames. And while, up until now, I've not shared such images, I've been inspired to do so by artists and craftspeople whose work I've come to know, respect, and treasure who share so much of their creativity beyond their finished pieces.

This is an experiment.

If you've come across this collection serendipitously, I'd enjoy hearing about how. Either way, your comments are welcome.